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My nonfiction books for kids ages 6-10 were published by various educational publishers.

Books for kids
Work Then and Now


Books for kids
Morse and the Telegraph


Published by Newbridge, this nonfiction book shows how forms of work have changed over the years, while others have remained the same.

For young readers, a biography of the inventor of the Morse Code. Published by Houghton Mifflin.


Books for kis
Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut

Books for kids
101 Ways to Boost Your Math Skills

What kind of education and training does it take to become a mission specialist in space? Written for early readers, this is a biography of the life and accomplishments of Ellen Ochoa.

Kids ages 7-10 learn how to organize their time to strengthen math skills and understanding. Includes checklists, information tables, and study techniques.


These books provide resources for K-6 teachers.
Books for teachers
101 Surefire Ways to Start the
School Year



Books for teachers
Writing Effective Report Card Comments
Published by Scholastic, this 64-page book helps educators establish a positive learning environment in the elementary school classroom.
A bestseller! Also published by Scholastic, Writing Effective Report Card Comments sold over 107,000 copies to date.


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